Seri Relay

Live life from both sides 


Digital wireless CROS without adapters or wires  

Having two functioning ears is extremely important in everyday life. When one ear suffers from a total loss of hearing, many day-to-day situations become difficult to manage. Talking in a group, walking and talking side-by-side with someone or even crossing the road can become utterly exhausting tasks.


CROS Hearing Aids (or BiCROS if the better ear also needs additional help) are the best solution when the hearing in one ear is much worse than the other. CROS stands for Contralateral Routing Of Sounds, and contralateral means to the other side. Put simply, a CROS hearing aid receives the sound that arrives on one side of your head, and sends it to your other ear.


Your Relay advantages series advantages: 
  • Advanced digital hearing technology
  • Better understanding of speech arriving at the weak ear
  • Available in "Open-Fit" for extra comfort
  • Standard ear-hook
  • All-In-One system without adapters or cables
  • Interference-free digital wireless transmission
  • CROS, BiCROS and monaural fittings
  • Improved awareness of surrounding sound