Seri Elipse

Super Power 


When you need maxium volume  

Designed specifically for people who want maximum amplification, Elipse gives you power – and lots of it. But power alone is not enough, which is why Elipse includes all the features you need to hear speech clearly, even in noisy situations.


The Elipse series advantages: 
  • Up to 685 hours of battery life
  • Easy-to-operate volume control
  • Feedback reduction, which minimizes the risk of disturbing sounds
  • Noise reduction, for unwanted background noise
  • 3 comfort programs with push button control and audible signal tones
  • Direct Audio Input (DAI) for compatibility with FM systems
  • Telecoil for better hearing with telephone and assisting listening devices
  • Programmable telecoil
  • Super power with up to 86 dB gain and 145 dB* output