Alat Bantu Dengar Interton

Interton has a hearing aid for everyone

No matter your wants and needs, we have the right hearing aid for you. Browse through our selection of the best hearing aid products for you. 

Hearing aid categories  


Our premium hearing aids contain highly adaptive hearing systems that can cope with any situation - and they are ideal if you want a hearing aid tailored just for you. See our premium products Interton Scope 6  and Avio 5


Our comfort hearing aids have increased responsiveness in everyday situations - and are perfect for people with an active life. See our comfort products Interton Scope 4 and Avio 3


Our basic hearing instruments are suitable for most day-to-day situations. They give you all the features you need, at an attractive price. See our basic product Avio 1.


Our budget hearing aids are easy to use, feature proven technology, and come at a very nice price.See our budget products Start and Stage.

Special products

Our special niche products Elipse and Relay is in a category all of their own.